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Thursday, June 07, 2012

New Book - Magic Creek

I've just e-published a new book, Magic Creek, through Amazon  and Smashwords ( When she is 5, she sits in the blossom-laden branches of a cherry tree and declares, "I will always do 'xactly as I please". At 15, she leaves her home in Philadelphia to join a group of pioneers traveling to the wilderness. When she survives her first brutal winter with only a wildcat for company, she becomes known as Magic to both the whites and Indians. She endures many hardships during her years on Magic Creek including the loss of her true love when the government relocates his tribe West to facing trial for murder when she kills a man who attacks her in her cabin. Always, the touchstone of her life is her beloved piece of land on Magic Creek. Her life is characterized by strength and fierce independence.

Two hundred years later, another woman comes from Philadelphia to settle on Magic Creek but her circumstances are very different. Tory is kept captive by her brutal controlling physician husband. She is allowed no car, no money, no phone, no internet. She is only allowed to make calls when he listens to her side of the conversation, one allowed to send letters after he reads them first. He brutally crushes her smallest rebellion.

Eventually, Magic and Tory's lives entwine when she finds a silver spoon buried next to a fallen wall of stone and begins to have visions of a black-haired woman walking with a wildcat. Magic is drawn to try to help Tory escape her husband. In the end, the women discover that each person must find her own path in life.  

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