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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fiction Entwines with Reality

In a recent post on my political blog, RedStateBlueCollar, I made the point that we have become a Fifty Shades of Gray nation, at least half of us, the Republican half, has. We have reached a point in America where the top 1 percent own more of our assets than ever before in modern history. They control more of our GDP. The ratio between the salaries of executives and the wages of workers is vastly farther apart. They pay fewer taxes than teachers or secretaries. They buy our elections for their own self-interest. Their banks are "too big to fail". In their eyes, our world belongs to the them and we're just living in it.

They don't even bother to hide their intention to be our Dominants. They tell us right up front. "We are going to lower our own taxes even more." "We are going to de-regulate our own businesses even more". "We are going to take away your pre-existing condition coverage." "Our goal is to voucherize your Medicare and privatize your Social Security." "And oh, we'd love to do away with public schools and FEMA and Big Bird and food stamps and unemployment insurance and the minimum wage while we're at it." (If you want to go back even farther in fictional time than 50 Shades of Grey you might call this the Atlas Shrugged mentality.)

And what do the Submissive Republicans say to all this? Why, they beg for more. They hold out their wrists for the handcuffs. They bare their bottoms in delicious anticipation of the spanking.

I myself read the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy of books and enjoyed them immensely. I thought Christian Grey was hot. What I didn't do was confuse fictional titillation with real life. I didn't actually want to be tied up in the Room of Pain with Mitt wielding the riding crop.

I think it's past time for America to find a new favorite read.

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