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Saturday, December 29, 2012

A New Character for a New Year

My muse brought me the nicest thing possible for Christmas - a new character and a fascinating new plot line to follow. This is a perfect time of year for it with the NASCAR tracks silent until February and the only other thing I watch on television, the news, being more often than not preempted by puffy stories about how to decorate Christmas cookies and where to find the best Christmas sales and religious programming, oh, yes, which is fine if that's your cup of tea but it's not mine. So, television is a dead zone for me during January and February.

I read more books during the months of December, January and February than any other time. I've become an unadventuresome, stick-in-the-mud reader in my old age, preferring to stay with the tried and true authors I already know I like. This period forces me out of my comfort zone because I read so much, I run out of books by those favored few. I'm forced to read blurbs and make decisions. Geez, it sounds as if I'm taking a risk by spending my vacation in Tanjikistan, doesn't it? Come on, Vic, it's only a book. You can put it down if you hate it!

But sometimes, I don't hate it. Sometimes, instead, I'm delighted to find a writing style I fall in love with, a new author to put on my list of "must reads". I found Conor Fitzgerald this way last year and also Jo Nesbro. This year, I've just finished a book entitled,  A Pimp's Notes by Giorgio Faletti, that fit into this category.

Of course, I could tear into my house and complete some of the projects I have on my to-do list but, nah, that doesn't sound like fun.

I was in the middle of the seventh Rafe novel and it was going pretty well. Rafe will always be my first love and I'll definitely get back to this one but maybe I need a little break from Rafe to let his life steep, as it were, until my brain hatches some new ideas about his further adventures.

And right at this moment of ennui, Ethan Pierce raised his beautiful blonde head and I was enthralled. Unlike Rafe who is the very epitome of someone showered by all the good fortune life can bestow, Ethan is the exact opposite. A product of incest, he was found in a dumpster where his mother tossed him after his birth. His childhood is dominated by abuse, neglect and molestation. How he scratches to survive and who those experiences mold him into is what the book is all about. I am as curious as I hope future readers will be. I never know myself what will happen next until I sit down to write. I have fallen hard for Ethan. I want his story to have a happy ending but it's looking pretty dim for him right now.  

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Several Sides of Rafe - Sixth in the Rafe Vincennes Series

Volume Six in the Rafe Vincennes series is now available! 

Reviewers have called Rafe, "the most compelling anti-hero ever" but he is different things to different people.

To his crew chief's new wife, Vangie, Rafe Vincennes is arrogant and faithless...until she needs an instrument of revenge.  To Sarah, he's the fulfillment of a teenage fantasy who exceeds expectations. To his sister, Lane, he's both ecstasy and agony. To the Apache wildling, Jaoquim, Rafe offers protection and for such as him, it is the most important gift of all. To his daughter, Cee-Cee, he's a hero. To his son, Cam, who questions both his loyalty and his predilection for extreme retribution, he's a conflict. To Delight, the family's Irish housekeeper, Himself requires constant (and gladly offered) prayers to keep him in God's good graces. To his sister, the indignant Lady Marial, he is the blackest of black sheep, a blot on the family honor. To the Charlotte Observer, he is, happily, a constant source of screaming headlines. To Rhiannon, he is her soul mate. To Paige, he is salvation. To Preston Buckley, he is the reluctant recipient of a Mission Quest. To Laris Moynihan, Hollywood columnist, he's the sexiest movie star of all. To his transport driver, Mike, he is the keeper of a dream. To Barrett Crain, author of the NASCAR blog, It's a Racin' Deal, he's an uncommon champion. To Vic and Chas, he's a son they never expected to have.

And Rafe himself? He's been called a sociopath, a scoundrel, a scandal and a savior. He's unaffected by the labels others put on him. He simply is what he is and does what he does. Take it or leave it.