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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Eureka Spills - Stepping Outside the Box

My latest book is now live on amazon and smashwords. Eureka Spills is different than anything I've written before (for one thing, it doesn't require an "adult content" rating!) It is more of a love story than my other novels. I very much enjoyed writing this book. I always fall in love with my characters and it was no different with Shea and the elusive stallion, Phantom. The research about ranchers and cowboys and wild horses and northern New Mexico was fascinating and fun.

Still, there is a element of stress when a writer steps out of what has been her comfort zone. Will faithful readers be disappointed not to find the graphic sex they are used to in my books? Will they scorn Shea, who is a more traditional hero than my harder men like Rafe and Ethan? Will they roll their eyes when Shea finds true love of the type more likely to be found in romance novels than anything I've written?

I don't mind for myself if some readers believe I've gone all squishy on them. (My next character, Luca, is more like what they've come to expect from me) but it makes me feel protective of Shea. I want readers to care for him and appreciate him as I do.

On the other hand, there is the possibility that some readers will say, "well, finally, something I can read without cringing - no taboo subjects, a hero who is worthy of the name, and love, sweet love".

I don't really have my audience in mind much when I write a book (although I know the marketing gurus would tell me that's a no-no). I write what has to come out of my head and this time it was Shea.

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