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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Karma is Only a Bitch if You Are


My favorite thing about a brand new year has always been calendars. I love the fresh newness of them, the unlimited potential they contain in all those blank spaces. I love the way they tell you where you're going and where you've been and how, when the year is over, they are a small journal of your life in 365 days.

The calendars they choose to live by are a clue to their owner's psyche. If they are devout, they will often have a calendar that contains inspirational Bible verses. If they are animal lovers, their calendar will feature precious puppies or cunning kittens or beautiful horses. If they yearn for Big Water in a year mostly filled with the mundane of flat cornfields, their calendars will show pictures of beaches and hammocks and palm trees to illustrate where they wish they were instead of where they are. If they need a small lift each day, Maxine may share a humorously, cynical message. Back in the day, Calvin and Hobbes was one of my favorites.

There are calendars filled with sexy, scantily-clad women or men and calendars glorifying fast cars or Harley Davidson motorcycles or, for that matter, John Deere tractors. The selections are endless in picking a calendar to suit your personality - sports and tigers, dolls and porches, birdhouses and roses, movie stars and history and babies. Each month is a new photo to daydream over and another new start.

If you go out of your way to buy a calendar, you probably put your money where your heart is. My main calendar for the last many years, has been a Jimmie Johnson calendar. It sits on my desk and reminds me that it will soon be the weekend. I feel a small thrill of anticipation each time I think of seeing the 48 car taking to the track at Daytona or Darlington or Talladega.

Free calendars often tell a tale of what charities touch you in your deepest self. My options were from among the ones that come as a result of donations Mom or I made to the Wildlife Defense Fund (wolves or wild horses being my first choices) or the Wounded Warriors Project or Greenpeace or the ASPCA or any charity that helps children.... We kept our favorites and gave the rest away.....letting our friends choose between birds and flowers and mountains and waterfalls.

Some unimaginative people see calendars as simply practical objects. They put up one that comes to them at of car parts or something.....or perhaps car parts are interesting and exciting to them because they love what they do. Those are the luckiest people of all - those who look forward to each day because their lives are satisfying and fulfilling.

That is my wish for you in 2014. Build good karma because karma is only a bitch if you are.

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