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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Ah, A Naked Jamie...The Outlander

Well, we finally got to see a naked Jamie (and Claire too, if anyone cares). After weeks of arousal, we finally had satisfaction. I loved it because it was so real. Although there was an obvious attraction between Claire and Jamie, they had to hurriedly get married to make Claire a Scot to keep her from the evil Black Jack Randall. Naturally, they were both nervous, especially knowing  the other ribald Highlanders were waiting in the Inn below so they would be prepared to swear that
 the marriage had been consummated.

Jamie talked and talked, telling her tales of his life and family. Claire drank and drank until gradually, they began to feel more relaxed. When they finally did the deed, it being Jamie's first time, it was about what you'd expect. Wham Bam, Thank you, Ma'am - so that when he asked her if she liked it, she was sort of like, "well, um, it was okay." He was disappointed but not surprised because his fellows Highlanders had warned him that most women didn't care for sex.

The second time, Claire took matters into her own hands, so to speak, and I suppose, Jamie was feeling slightly less urgent, the first rush of lust having been depleted. She taught him that women can, in fact, be the assertive partner at times. And when she performed oral sex on him, it was obvious he thought he'd died and gone to heaven.

By the third time, they were comfortable with one another and they simply enjoyed what was growing between them, a friendship as well as a sexual partnership.

Anyway, it was not the usual masterful male and ditzy female scenario, thank God.

And then there was one more episode and it was over for six freaking months!

I haven't watched a television series for so long, I hardly remember what it used to be like but it doesn't seem as if you only got to see six shows before a six month hiatus.

Now, Jamie will be hanging in a window with a gun while Black Jack holds Claire with a knife to her breast.....for half a year and fans will all be suffering from Outlander withdrawal.

Some things I've learned from the Outlander.

- Kilts are oh so sexy.

- Anything said with a Scottish burr sounds more charming (this is true of an Irish brogue as well)

- Thank heavens, bum rolls for women went out of style.

- Scotland has some of the most gorgeous scenery of anywhere in the world.

- The casting was outstanding for this series and Sam Heughn is the perfect Jamie Fraser. (I worried about this before the show started. If Jamie hadn't been right, that would have been the end for me.)

So now, I'm re-reading the Outlander series to stay in touch during the program's sabbatical.

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