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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

House of the Rising Son - by Trevann Rogers

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I just read a new book that was recommended to me by a friend. I almost read it simply as a favor because it didn't really sound like my normal fare at all. Except for the occasional vampire, I'm not much into paranormal, preferring gritty reality instead. So I opened my Kindle with a "okay, let's get this over with" sigh....and fell in love. I bonded with all the characters - they are witty and quirky and lovable, each in his or her own strange way. But Cheyenne is definitely my favorite as he tries to reconcile who he wants to be with who he is. He doesn't want to be an Incubus; he doesn't want to have supernatural Power, he prefers that it is his music that draws people to him.

But he discovers that it isn't easy to give up your birthright. Along the way to trying to do so, he falls in love, finds a core group of friends, saves his children from being stolen from him and manages to meld both halves of his life into happy whole. But, here, I'll let Trevann Rogers speak for herself:


Vicki, thank you for allowing me to post on your blog.  Posting here is special because even though Cheyenne and Rafe are not really alike, they occupy the same space in our hearts. 

I started writing about Cheyenne at a difficult time in my life. Getting lost in his world was an escape.  In those days I wrote short stories, many of which were inspired by music. Music is still an integral part of the world but the stories are longer.

In Vicki’s work with the police she saw many of the same situations that I saw as a social worker.  It doesn’t take much thought to see why I preferred to write about paranormal creatures living out their dreams.  And an Incubus rock star?  There is no better combination.

I still go to concerts but have broadened my obsessions to include a few actors and WWE superstars.  There are things to enjoy are all around us, but sometimes we have to go looking for them.

House of the Rising Son, my debut novel, was released on September 22, 2015 through Samhain Publishing. 


Blurb: Sex. Rebellion. Rock and roll.

Living After Midnight, Book 1

Cheyenne is a half-human incubus whose star is on the rise in the Unakite City rock scene. His father, the leader of the supernatural races, would prefer he keep a “low profile”, but screw that. Cheyenne has as much music in his veins as royal incubi blood.

Alexander’s future is all set—finish law school, join the family firm, and marry someone who’d be good for business. Not that he has a say in any of it. He’s barely met the woman his father expects him to marry.

As Cheyenne’s musical career takes off, his carefully constructed life begins to unravel, exacerbated by an ex-lover who can’t let go, a crotchety barkeeper with a dirty mind and a pure heart, a drag queen who moonlights as a nanny, and Alexander—who’s not sure if he’s falling for the incubus or the rocker.

Cheyenne denies who he is, while Alexander hides what he wants. Together, they learn that getting what they truly want means being who they truly are.

Warning: Contains hot were-tiger sex, a Thanksgiving celebration that makes the Inquisition look like a tea party, and an incubus who’ll rock your world.



"While waiting for their drinks, Alexander studied the deep grooves carved into the table, trying to ignore the friction of Cheyenne’s thigh rubbing against his as the musician tapped a heel to the thump of the DJ’s music. Once the drinks arrived, Alexander downed half the bottle before he realized Cheyenne’s large green eyes were staring at him.
“So where’s your girl, Prudhomme? I mean, Prune Danish. No, wait...”
“Prudish. Shit, Prudence,” Alexander sputtered.
Cheyenne’s eyes sparkled. “No, you got it right the first time. Where is she?”
He shrugged. “Home, I guess.”
Cheyenne cocked his head. “Oh, really?” He put his hand on Alexander’s leg. “What’s up? You can tell me.”
“It’s not working out.” Alexander dragged his teeth over his lower lip. “It’s my fault.” He couldn’t keep his attraction to Cheyenne out of his voice. “I don’t know what’s happening to me.”
Cheyenne put his thumb to his lip and paused. “It’s like the drink.”

Alexander tilted his head, not sure he heard correctly. “The drink?”

“Yeah, that nasty ass bourbon. I bet your father drinks it. Your uncles. All your friends. Everybody, right?”

He didn’t answer, but waited for Cheyenne to continue.

“It was just expected that you’d drink it too. So you did.” His hand moved up Alexander’s thigh. “But now, maybe it’s okay to drink what you like. A different brand, a better vintage. Because you want it. Because it tastes better.” Cheyenne licked his lips. “Because it feels right.”
Alexander cleared his throat and brushed his lap, pushing Cheyenne’s hand away. “I can’t.”
“If you change your mind, let me know.”

“You don’t understand. It’s not that easy. My whole life will change.”

“It already has.”

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