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Monday, October 15, 2018

Talking in Code

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A far-right leaning Facebook friend of mine once told me to "follow the Q" to know what is really going on in the world. She is a faithful follower of QAnon. I didn't know what that meant but I began to see more references to the organization on social media and people carrying Q signs started appearing a Donald Trump's rallies.

I eventually went to the Q's website (which I could not find again when I tried to go back although there are Q pubs and chat rooms galore).

The basic premise of Qnon is that the man who developed and operates it is high in the American intelligence community and thus, can guide the people to the truth. For instance, the Mueller investigation is not at all what it promotes itself to be. The truth is that Donald Trump and Mueller are actually working together to bring down the globalists who are trying to destroy America. In fact, there are already thousands of sealed indictments ready to be filed, including on Hillary and Barack Obama, who, according to some Q members may already be wearing ankle bracelets to insure that they don't try to flee the country.

Q members call this anticipated day when indictments and warrants will be executed en mass, The Coming Storm", based on words used by Donald Trump.

The thing is, the Qmaster, doesn't explain any of this in plain language. The Q-ers call the bits of information he discloses "crumbs". They are tiny hints that his followers can then interpret however they choose. For instance, the number 17 has great symbolism in their Qcode (Q being the 17th letter of the alphabet). You may not have noticed but what Trump used to call "13 angry Democrats" has now become "17 angry Democrats". Every time their president says this number, the Q fans feel validated.

Believing in The Coming Storm is one reason you still hear enthusiastic chants of "Lock Her Up" at Trump rallies...because they believe it is imminent that she will be locked up any day now. According to Q, laws to prevent this from happening have already secretly been rescinded. Martial law will be declared. Trump will presumably become our Dictator for Life on that great day. If you follow Q, you know this is what the recently tested presidential communication system is all about - so Trump can tell us all at once what is going on.

Here's what alarms me the most: not that there are many Americans who believe in loony conspiracy theories. They have always been among us, no, what upsets me beyond that is the further deterioration of our language.

When humans first developed language, it was mostly gestures, grunts and single words like "food". Rudimentary, but the entire community understood what was being said, for that's what words are all about. Sharing information. Gradually, we developed more fluency in the use of words.

Since then, we have devolved. Crumbs aren't meant be be universal sources of shared communication, but rather as a code to deliver information to the chosen few, shutting everyone else out from knowing the "secrets" so the codetalkers can seize power from the rest of us, who are seen as evil.

Crumbs don't mean anything except in the brains of those who believe. They are basically gibberish but dangerous gibberish. When a society loses the power of joint communication, it will end up losing itself.